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Alexis Lafrenière wants to wait before negotiating his next contract
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Even though Alexis Lafrenière was selected with the very first pick of the 2020 draft, it took him a while to get going in the NHL.

His first three seasons were ordinary offensively…

But he really exploded last season, collecting 57 points in 82 regular-season games. And he was especially good in the playoffs (14 points in 16 games).

The Quebecer is eligible to sign a contract extension in New York, but the idea doesn’t interest him.

Why not?

Because he wants to take a gamble knowing that he can give the Rangers more in the next campaign. And if he can produce even more, the annual amount of his next contract will be bigger.

It makes sense… even if it’s a bit risky:

I say it’s risky because in the NHL (as in all other sports), players are not immune to injury.

Obviously, no one wants that to happen in Laffy’s case, but it’s a danger that exists nonetheless.

On the other side of the coin, you have to understand his point of view, because he’s been on the rise for four years now.

He established himself as an impact player in New York last season, and he wants to give more:

  • 21 points in 56 games (20-21)
  • 31 points in 79 games (21-22)
  • 39 points in 81 games (22-23)
  • 57 points in 82 games (23-24)
Laffy has found himself at the center of much criticism in the past for not producing up to expectations.

We’re talking about a first-round pick, after all, and those players have to find a way to be productive on the ice.

But right now, he knows he belongs, and the fact that he’s willing to wait before signing his next contract shows that he’s confident in his abilities at the moment.

It’s worth noting that Lafrenière has just one season left on his contract, which pays him $2.325 million annually.

The Quebecer will therefore be in a position to break the bank next summer (or sooner) if he has another big season.


– C’est fouil pareil!

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