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Since the 3rd period of Game 3, Bobrosvky has had the numbers of an AHL goaltender
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In the first two games of the Stanley Cup Final, Sergei Bobrovsky looked like the best player in the world.

He allowed just one goal to the Oilers’ potent attack, stopping 50 of 51 shots in the process.

It was said at the time that he would – without a doubt – win the Conn-Smythe Trophy, awarded to the most valuable player during the Stanley Cup playoffs. #MVP

That said, since the third period of Game 3, it’s been tougher for the goalie.

In fact, it’s really tough.

The Panthers managed to escape with the win in Game #3 even though the Oilers scored twice in the third period…

But since the 3rd period of that game, Bobrovsky has allowed a (whopping) total of 14 goals on 64 shots.

Not what you want from your number-one goalie, especially at this point in the season.

His last few games, it looks like this:

  • 11 saves on 16 shots in Game #4 (.688 save percentage)
  • 19 saves on 23 shots in Game #5 (.826 save percentage)
  • 16 saves on 19 shots in Game #6 (.842 save percentage)

It looks like the roles are reversed.

On the other side of the rink, Stuart Skinner is on fire, having allowed just five goals to the Panthers in the last three games of the final.

I didn’t have that on my bingo card, let’s put it that way. And I’m sure it’s the same for most of you.

So I can’t wait to see how the Panthers (and Bobrovsky) come out tomorrow night, with the season on the line.

Will the Floridian outfit go into the game full of confidence, after what’s happened in the last few games?

Matthew Tkachuk said after game #6 that the Panthers are “exactly where they want to be”, while the players keep saying they’re confident in their abilities (and in their goalkeeper).

They have no choice but to look forward… But if the Oilers score early and take control of the game in the first period, I can’t see the Panthers coming back from behind to win the Stanley Cup.

The Oilers are too confident, and the Panthers are too broken for that to happen.


– Usually, this is a very good sign.

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