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Corey Perry: “I’ve still got five years left in me”
Credit: Getty Images
Corey Perry will attempt to win a second Stanley Cup tomorrow night when the Oilers cross swords with the Panthers in a final match-up.

At 39 years of age, he’s had quite a career in the NHL, but more importantly, he still manages to contribute to the team’s success.

And it looks like his story isn’t over yet. At least, that’s what the man himself told members of the media on the eve of one of the biggest games in NHL history.

When asked about the possibility of tomorrow’s game being his last, Perry immediately said no, he still had some in the tank.

He went on to say that he had five more years in him and that he felt like he was 25, all obviously as a joke.

Clearly, five years is too long, but I could see the Oilers forward getting a one- or two-year contract. After all, he’s still capable of being useful to a team.

When he scored his goal following McDavid’s superb play in game five, he demonstrated what makes him so special, despite his age.

He still has a great flair for getting to the net at the right time, despite his declining skating stroke. I find it impressive that at his age, he can still be a valuable addition to a team that wants to win right away.

Will the Oilers offer him a contract? It’s hard to say, but it’s certain that if Perry is interested in continuing beyond the current season, a team will make him an offer.


– He deserves a lot of credit.

– Nice career for him.

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