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“You’re morons”: the Coyotes destroyed by a Phoenix city employee
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The Arizona Coyotes are currently the NHL’s 33rd franchise. After all, officially, the Utah HC is an expansion franchise that acquired all the assets of the Coyotes, a franchise that exists but is inactive.

The Coyotes have five years to build an arena in order to be reactivated by the commissioner… but the project is off to a bad start. After all, the auction that was supposed to take place to potentially buy land to build an arena was cancelled with a week’s notice.

The NHL did the right thing, didn’t it?

By the way, according to ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski, the Coyotes wouldn’t have been allowed to build a big NHL arena on the land the way it was zoned.

It was OK for a youth arena, but not for the NHL. #ToutCroche

At this point, we can expect the project to be rather difficult to complete. And in this regard, one wonders if Alex Meruelo isn’t to blame for all this. Is he easy to negotiate with?

In any case, according to a staff member of Phoenix City Councilman Kevin Robinson, the Coyotes are morons. He doesn’t care if the Coyotes are down: he kicks them.

You [the Coyotes] are morons who have never worked in good faith – no one trusts you or wants to work with you.

Years of being bad actors means you should be moving heaven and earth to regain trust, but instead, you’ll be complaining on Twitter. – Jack Keeney at the Coyotes

Jack Keeney, who works for Councilman Robinson in Phoenix, responded to a tweet from the Coyotes, who mention that canceling the auction with a week’s notice jeopardizes the return of hockey to Arizona.

The Coyotes say they’re exploring their options… but if Jack Keeney’s tweet is any indication, they’ll be up against people who don’t want them.


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