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Here’s the risk of backing out of the draft to draft a forward
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Draft a striker or draft the best player available: the question is on the table.

If we once felt we were going against the grain when it came to suggesting the selection of a defenseman with the fifth right to speak at the next auction, it seems the tide has turned this week.

It was all very well calling my colleague Max Truman names when he wrote in black and white what many people were thinking, but the reality is that the Habs could well draft a defenseman.

Right now, it’s becoming increasingly clear that guys like Zeev Buium and Sam Dickinson can’t be ruled out if Ivan Demidov were to leave ahead of the Habs.

But Arpon Basu is right: drafting such a defenseman would also be a great way to improve the offense. #TakeThePuckToTheFilet

After all, the idea of letting guys who can transform the Habs’ blue line move backwards in the draft has all the makings of a bad idea for the Flanelle.

And on that subject, Nicolas Cloutier has put together a piece on the TVA Sports site to tell a story that proves the point

Basically, he reports that former Ducks employee Alain Chainey wanted to draft Erik Karlsson in Anaheim, but his GM thought he was too small. So he backed off a few rows and finally went for Jake Gardiner instead.

And to me, that’s where the risk lies. After all, if we brought this back to 2024 and the Habs had to move back a few spots to avoid drafting a defenseman and instead select a forward… we could end up with the same story.

It’s worse for the Ducks, who just picked a lesser defenseman… but you get my point: backing out to go for a less talented player (in the Habs’ case, a forward) has its risks. And it’s not worth it.

You can find counter-examples if you want, but my fear remains that the Habs, who need to add talent, will spit on talent to draft a player lower on their list. That wouldn’t be productive.


– Speaking of the draft: the forward vs. defenseman debate is the talk of the town.

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