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Utah club’s Uber question: former players reportedly refused to answer
Credit: Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

It’s no secret now that the Habs and their new management like to test youngsters in pre-draft interviews.

They often ask about the animal, in particular, but also other thought-provoking questions. And that’s fine: it makes the guys react and shows a certain intelligence. Field hockey players are often perceived as athletes and physical specimens, but mentally and/or in the head, that’s not always what sets them apart.

It’s not just in Montreal that the deeper questions are being asked. Remember that the new club in Utah wanted to know the Uber rating of the youngsters they interviewed.

Personally, I think this is a good question and it makes a difference.

But neither Renaud Lavoie nor the people he spoke with about the situation agree with me. In his segment with Le Club du matin a few days ago on BPM Sports, the journalist admitted that the team is in serious trouble.

Habs and NHL reported the news earlier today.

If you need the Uber rating to know if the kid’s a good kid, you’ve got a serious problem. – Renaud Lavoie

Lavoie says there are other ways to find out about a kid’s private life. The whistleblower has spoken to former players and they’ve made it clear: “If I’d been asked that question, I’d have replied: please don’t fish me out.

Is that so? I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but okay.

Renaud reminded people that four years ago, the Coyotes organization held combines before the real Combine. They were punished for it, but is the club really any better four years later?

Gilbert Delorme doubts it.


– It’s a tie.

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