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Oilers: Kris Knoblauch can’t wait for Zach Hyman to write a book about the final
Credit: Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Right now, the Oilers’ situation in the Stanley Cup Final is, shall we say, less than ideal. Trailing 0-3 in the series and completely unable to solve the Sergei Bobrovsky enigma, the Oilers have no room for error.

There’s still hope on paper… but I wouldn’t blame anyone for losing faith in the Alberta team.

That said, the Oilers obviously still believe. In fact, we’re going to believe in them right up to the final whistle, for better or for worse.

That goes without saying.

And Kris Knoblauch, the team’s coach, chatted a bit about his team’s situation this morning… and said he can’t wait for Zach Hyman to write a book about the Final. We’re guessing he’s especially looking forward to reading one in which the Oilers complete the improbable comeback.

Knoblauch’s comments don’t come out of the blue: Hyman has been writing children’s books for some years now. He has published three of them, and Knoblauch would like the subject of his fourth book to be the 2024 finals, should the Oilers defy the odds.

Because clearly, the coach believes in it, and he’s excited about the next 10 days.

Naysayers may say he’s looking forward to it because his vacation is coming up, but whatever.

If the Oilers want to get back in the series, they’ll have to find a way to revive Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, who will need to have productive nights. Otherwise, good luck getting back into the series.

And if Hyman, who has also been quiet since the start of the series, can have a few good games, maybe he can tell his story in a book…


– What do you think?

– Interesting.


– Nice win for Switzerland.

– Well done.

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