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Cayden Lindstrom suffered a herniated disc last season
Credit: Getty Images

This information, revealed by Corey Pronman, has the effect of a bombshell two weeks before the first of the next draft.

And it could influence the decision of Montreal executives.

According to Pronman on a recent episode of The Athletic podcast, Cayden Lindstrom didn’t just suffer a muscle injury last season.

Instead, he suffered a herniated disc.

This could frighten some clubs, because we’re talking about a non-healing injury that can greatly affect an athlete’s career in the long term.

Georges Laraque and P.K. Subban, for example, had to retire prematurely because of the pain it can cause.

Especially since Lindstrom is only 18…

It’s a big risk and I don’t see the Habs getting their hopes up because this year’s draft is ultra-important for the organization.

The Habs can’t miss out, after all…

And they can’t take a chance on a guy who suffered such a major injury at such a young age.

The Habs have to be in it for the long haul, and they have to pick a guy who can help the team for years to come.

You’ll tell me that an injury can happen at any time to any other player… But there’s a certain nuance to this, because this is already the case for Lindstrom, even though he hasn’t yet been drafted by a National League club.

It’s a shame, because the player has everything it takes to be dominant in the big league.

He’s big, he’s fast, he hits, he scores goals… But obviously, there’s some uncertainty when it comes to his long-term health.

And therein lies the biggest problem.

It remains to be seen how this information will impact the top-4 at the next draft…


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