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Cayden Lindstrom ahead of Ivan Demidov: increasingly possible
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Did we mention that the draft is open from rank #2?

After Macklin Celebrini, we don’t really know who the Chicago Blackhawks will draft at #2. The names of Ivan Demidov and Artyom Levshunov are being bandied about.

According to Scott Powers (The Athletic), these are the two names that are coming up the most at the moment… but the Blackhawks did consider Cayden Lindstrom for the #2 spot. However, this would no longer be the case.

Why is this interesting?

It is because, just a few weeks ago, many people thought that seeing him go out at #4 was about as high as he could go on the heels of the draft. But clearly, anything is possible.

This confirms that, after Celebrini, everything is open at the draft. We don’t know who will come out at #2, and Ivan Demidov isn’t the only option among forwards.

The proof? The Habs potentially have Lindstrom ahead of Demidov on their list… and they wouldn’t be the only team with doubts about the talented Russian.

The more time passes, the more certain doubts (particularly related to Demidov’s situation in Russia) begin to attract attention. As a result, it wouldn’t be impossible to see the Russian slip out of the top-3.

Would it be to Lindstrom’s advantage? I don’t think so, since the Ducks want a defenseman and the Hawks, if not Demidov, are obviously leaning towards Levshunov.

If both forwards are available to the Blue Jackets (rank #4), you’d think Don Waddell would really hesitate between the two – if he wants a forward. And if so, Kent Hughes will simply take the one who slips.

But at the same time, nothing is certain. Demidov’s meeting with the teams next week could change everything, and potentially reassure a lot of people.

In a gust

– That makes sense.

– A name to keep in mind.

– It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

– To be continued.

– News from CF Montreal.

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