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Tij Iginla: the (sure) value of the next draft among forwards
Credit: Photo by Ben Ludeman/NHLI via Getty Images
As we all know, the Canadiens have the 5th pick in the upcoming draft.

Will the club select a forward or a defenseman, given the choices made before the Habs’?

That’s the question EVERYONE is asking right now.

We know that the Hawks, Ducks, and Blue Jackets’ selections will impact management’s decision in Montreal, but that’s about it.

That said, it’s almost impossible to determine which clubs will speak before the Tricolore, after all.

We do know that there are guys the Habs are interested in. And Tij Iginla is one of them.

Jarome’s son sees himself as a Pegasus, a guy with the character of a horse (and wings), because he wants to do everything on the ice at once :

Tij Iginla is an interesting player because he has the skills and characteristics to be a complete player in the big league.

He hits, he scores, he’s physical… And he’s able to find his teammates on the ice.

In Marc Antoine Godin’s eyes, he’s a “sure thing”:

Jarome’s son won’t come to Las Vegas with the reputation of having as much potential as Demidov and Lindstrom, but he brings a level of certainty that will certainly be attractive. – Marc Antoine Godin

The comments are interesting because Tij Iginla isn’t the most offensive guy in the next crop.

But in Marc Antoine Godin’s eyes, it’s a safe bet…

And it fits in with the habs mentality because the club wants to be good before long.

There’s a certain risk with Cayden Lindstrom, who was injured for much of last season.

And there’s also some risk with Ivan Demidov and his situation in Russia, even if he wants to make the jump to the pros quickly in North America.

That said, will the Habs want to “take a chance” on a guy who could be good everywhere in a few years’ time in Iginla?

Or would the Habs rather go for the home run, knowing that there are “caveats” to drafting a guy who didn’t play much junior last year, or a guy who’s under contract in the KHL until the end of next season?

In gusto

– Wow!

– Too good.

– Come on!

– Well done.

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