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Snoop Dogg, Arber Xhekaj and Chris Nilan join forces to launch new clothing line
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For those of you in the Montreal area, tomorrow is a not-to-be-missed event.

At the CN Complex in Brossard, the Habs’ training arena, Snoop Dogg will be in attendance, along with current and former Habs strongmen Arber Xhekaj and Chris Nilan.

And why? Because Death Row Records, the American record label, will be announcing the launch of its limited line of hockey apparel featuring current and former NHL strongmen.

From noon to 4 p.m., people and the media can see and talk to the public personalities free of charge. Of course, Georges Laraque will also be present.

As the former strongman said at the end of his radio show on BPM Sports, on June 20 in Edmonton, on the eve of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, Death Row Records will pay tribute to Laraque with its own jersey.

The former striker assures us that the event in Brossard will be full and that it is first come, first served. So be there.

Snoop Dog is currently on tour in Canada, and in every city where he performs, he participates in an event like this, with the toughs of the teams represented.

These are great events, and for those who haven’t had the chance to see the musical legend live, this is a great way to catch up.

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