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“Connor McDavid is an overrated player”: a Miami columnist blurts it out
Credit: Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

Let’s play a game for the beginning of my text.

Take a minute… and think of the three best players in the National League.

I’m convinced that 99.9% of the time, Connor McDavid’s name comes up. It makes sense, because it’s hard to believe that he isn’t the NHL’s best player because of his exceptional talent.

When you look at his list of accomplishments since joining the big league, you realize he’s on another planet.

Seven 100+ point seasons, five Art Ross trophies, three Hart trophies, four Ted Lindsay trophies, one Maurice Richard trophy…

It’s almost impossible to ask for more, really. And it’s even more impressive when you consider that he’s only 27 years old:

(Credit: Hockey DB)

That’s why Miami columnist Greg Cote’s comments aren’t getting through today on the various social platforms.

The latter made a fool of himself yesterday by telling a podcast that McDavid is an overrated player…

And he even went so far as to call Connor “McOverrated” because, in his eyes, until the Oilers captain wins the Stanley Cup, he can’t be called the best player in the world.

Even if it “makes sense”, it’s ridiculous as hell:

I mean, come on. The latest problem in Edmonton is Connor McDavid… And every hockey fan knows it, because he’s the heart and soul of the club even when it’s toughest. #GuardianProblems

If the Oilers had lost to the Stars, OK.

After all, expectations have been high in Edmonton for several seasons now, and the best player in the world is generally expected to go the distance with his club.

But here, the timing of Greg Cote’s comments makes no sense because the Oilers have booked their ticket to the finals.

I have the impression that Greg Cote wanted to say that to make himself interesting, and right now, just the opposite is happening.

Speak well of it, speak ill of it, but speak, like…

In bursts

– He looked like a baby!

– Will experience behind the bench play a factor during the final?

– New minor in Vancouver.

– Beautiful!

– Wishing him well.

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