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Berkly Catton feels forgotten by people

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Berkly Catton feels forgotten by people
Credit: Photo by Dale Preston/Getty Images
On the heels of the NHL Draft on June 28, many questions remain.

Apart from Macklin Celebrini, who will go first, it’s difficult to know the exact rank of the other players. One thing is certain: the first teams will have a good player to help them.

But what about the Habs? We know they want a forward. Could Berkly Catton be an option? According to the principal interested party and as reported by journalist Kevin Dubé, he’s underrated and people have forgotten all about him.

People have forgotten about him, but he had one of the best junior seasons before his draft year. He scored 116 points in 68 games.

He’s an excellent player, but injuries caught up with him at the end of the season.

He wasn’t able to play at the U18 World Championship and played with that injury in the playoffs.

Catton is talented, but if there’s a question mark in his case, it’s his physique. The man who isn’t worried about playing wing (even if he is a center) is 5’10” and 175 lbs.

While recent years have shown that a player’s physique is no longer really an issue, it’s still important to ask whether his size will affect his selection rank. After all, with the same talent, a team like the Habs might lean towards a center like Cayden Lindstrom, who is much bigger.

In Catton’s case, he seems a very confident little guy. He compares himself to Jack Hughes, no less.

I watch him a lot, as I do Patrick Kane. They’re good skaters with fast hands, but what sets them apart is their intelligence. They’re smarter than anyone else on the ice, and that’s what makes them dominant. I think I can bring the same kind of style. – Berkly Catton


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