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Video: Connor McDavid brings beer to his car and gets harassed by fans
Credit: Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images
Playing in a Canadian market is a different kettle of fish. Connor McDavid, as star and captain of the Oilers, knows this all too well.

And now that Edmonton is in the Stanley Cup Final, #97 must realize that the city, more than ever, is clearly vibrating to the rhythm of the Edmonton Oilers.

Case in point? This video, which is going viral.

As you can see, McDavid is taking beer back to his car. With his team off until Saturday, he’s allowed to drink if he wants, but it’s clear that he’s got people talking.

Given the quantity he’s bringing back, I wonder why he didn’t ask someone to go for him, knowing that social networks exist and that we’re in the playoffs… but hey.

All this to say that the main thing to remember is that the Oilers fans who filmed the scene weren’t exactly eager to give him some space to live his life.

And clearly, McDavid, who is a little publicly embarrassed, didn’t know what to do. So he ignored the fans.

A video like this is sure to get people talking. After all, the way he acted (in a video he probably doesn’t like to see circulated publicly) doesn’t help take away his reputation as a guy who doesn’t know how to act around people.

McDavid isn’t mean, but he’s just awkward around fans. He always has been… and this old photo is proof of that.

I don’t see McDavid ever leaving Edmonton, but seeing the reach that the images around his car will have, it’s clear that the player must be wondering what it would be like, to play like Sunrise.

Still, expect to see him focus on the final, starting on Saturday.

In short

– Money makes people think.

– Let him enjoy it.

– Reminder for baseball fans.

– Good question.

– Jarmo Kekalainen is a possibility in Carolina.

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