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All signs point to Max Pacioretty’s retirement
Credit: Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images
Max Pacioretty has been a rainmaker with the Montreal Canadiens.

Although he never managed to reach the 40-goal plateau in a single season, he did achieve no fewer than six seasons of at least 30 goals, including one of 39.

Obviously, his glory days are behind him, but that’s mainly because of the frequent injuries he’s suffered in recent years.

In August 2022, he suffered an unforgiving Achilles tendon injury.

After returning to action, he injured his lower body, before suffering another torn Achilles tendon.

And that’s not all: he re-injured the same tendon just before the start of the 2023-24 season.

You know when things aren’t going well…

This summer, the maverick will be an unrestricted free agent, but all indications are that he’ll be retiring instead.

That’s what Tony Marinaro said on Tuesday’s JiC show.

“I don’t know if he’s announced anything yet, but I think Pacioretty is going to retire. Last week, someone whispered in my ear that it wouldn’t be surprising if Pacioretty retired and went to coach in Michigan.” – Tony Marinaro

Pacioretty is a product of the University of Michigan and could therefore return to his roots.

When you consider his injury history in recent years and the fact that he’s a father of five, it’s hardly surprising.

In fact, what would be surprising is if he were to re-sign this summer.

He may still have something to offer some clubs, but at this point in his career, it would be time to “pull the plug”.

After all, hockey may have been a huge part of his life for a very long time, but at 35, family takes precedence.

Pacio still had a very successful NHL career, amassing a total of 330 goals and 338 assists in 902 games.

In gusto

– Well done.

– I wouldn’t be surprised either.

– The Quebecer has had a very successful career.

– Interesting.

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