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Potential logos for Salt Lake City’s new team emerge
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Things seem to be falling into place for Salt Lake City’s new line-up.

Last week, we learned thatonly four names remain in the running for the new team

And today, we (finally) have a glimpse of the colors and logo that could be used to launch the club.

In fact, trademark applications have been filed for eight potential logos for the team’s inauguration.

For now, the club’s logo has been created based on the name “Utah Hockey Club”, but that would be permanent before we know the team’s (real) name.

What’s most striking about the potential logos that have been unveiled is how often the color powder blue recurs.

It’s these three logos that are attracting more attention than the others:

I like the design, honestly.

Looking at the colors, I’m thinking mostly of the Penguins jersey that was used during the Winter Classic in 2008.

And this vest is gorgeous, I think we can all agree on that:

(Credit: Screenshot, YouTube)

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to get details on the club’s new branding, but it seems to be moving along quickly.

Will the logo and vests be unveiled before the draft, which takes place at the end of June?

That would be cool…

Especially for the youngsters, because the prospects drafted by the team would have a certain sense of belonging to their new organization.

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