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The Blue Jackets could select a forward before the Habs, according to Don Waddell
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Don Wadell has barely set foot in Columbus and already he’s facing questions about his first selection in the upcoming draft. He’ll have the fourth overall pick, and several good prospects are available.

Of these, most Habs fans are hoping he’ll overlook Ivan Demidov and Cayden Lindstrom, if they’re available. But that’s not the clue he gave on Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek show.

Indeed, the latter wanted to demonstrate his theory for his choice.

He mentioned that it’s much easier to correct deficiencies in the defensive zone than to find a pure goal scorer.

While this may have sounded alarming to some fans, Montreal Hockey Now reporter Marco D’Amico set the record straight.

He questioned the honesty of the comments, especially for a general manager. Why would he want to show his cards so early, if only to panic other formations?

D’Amico added that the last time he made such remarks, his team drafted defenseman Noah Hanifin.

The journalist is absolutely right. It’s still far too early to draw conclusions and start getting carried away.

I have a feeling that Lindstrom, Demidov, or even both will be available to Kent Hughes when he speaks at No. 5.

One thing’s for sure: the next few weeks will be exciting for Habs fans. Draft, trades, everything’s on the table. Kent Hughes will certainly be busy.

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