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Images of Andrew Brunette’s arrest exposed

At the end of January, while his team was on break for the NHL All-Star Game weekend, Andrew Brunette was arrested for running a stop sign, and police discovered that he was intoxicated while driving. In the end, the Devils’ assistant head coach was temporarily detained and released on $500 bail. This morning, footage of his arrest came to light. In the video obtained by the New York Post, we see him driving a miniature golf cart late at night in a residential neighborhood, we see him half-hitchhike… And then we see the police arrest him. Visibly intoxicated, Brunette tried to get out of it by claiming it was his wife who was driving the mini-cart… Even though he was sitting in the driver’s side. Brunette didn’t have his driver’s license and instead gave his wife’s “to make up for it”. The cops had had enough and asked him to undergo a battery of tests to discern whether or not he was fit to drive, and that’s when things started to escalate. Frustrated at seeing the fate that had befallen him, Brunette decided to stop taking the tests by walking over to the minicar, and saying he was going to call his agent.

That’s all it took for the officers to grab him by the arms before asking him to put his hands on his head, as if he were under arrest. “You f-king fight me and you’re going to f-king regret it,” Brunette told the arresting officers.

Brunette calmed down… Before pulling out the card of the guy who coached the Panthers as recently as last year. The cop, on the other hand, didn’t seem to give a damn… And I have to admit, Brunette’s reaction is worth its weight in gold. I’ll let you view the following images before continuing.

In reality, it’s not really funny because Brunette really doesn’t seem to be there…But at the same time, he’s covering himself in so much ridicule that it’s a little ridiculous. I think the cops were a little harsh in the first place when they pulled him over because he half-stopped when, obviously, there didn’t seem to be any danger on the road. There was no one on the street…And it’s worth mentioning that Brunette was driving a minicar, not a sports tank. On the other hand, the cops may have done the right thing in that the assistant coach with the Devils was obviously very drunk. They did their job, in the end. No, Brunette may not have been the biggest danger on the road that night… But he did operate a vehicle while intoxicated, which is against the law.

In gusto

– Nice mentality.

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– Alex Romanov skated solo today.

Referees, referees, referees… All their fault all the time.

– Sam Bennett returns to action tonight for the Panthers. Alex Lyon will get the start.

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