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The changing landscape of betting ads in Canada
Credit: Pexels

In Canada, betting ads seem to be everywhere. They range from flashy casino promos to attractive sports betting odds displayed during games or events, leaving most Canadians curious or concerned — or both. So what is going on with gambling advertising in Canada and how are betting ads in Canada changing? 

There are many different types of gambling establishments for bettors in Canada, and all of them advertise to players. From brick-and-mortar casinos to online betting sites, Canada offers a number of options for punters. In recent years, the number of online sites has increased, as players opt to stay home and wager from the comfort of their couch. Online gambling offers players perks, like high payouts, that traditional establishments can’t usually match. Sergio Zammit explains that high payout sites, such as here, also offer big bonuses and quick withdrawals, enticing players. But, no matter how enticing the promotions and bonuses are, online casinos must advertise, just like physical casinos and sportsbooks, in order to draw in new players and retain regular bettors as well. 

Because of the busy betting market in Canada, citizens in the country see a lot of gambling advertisements in the media and not everyone is happy about it. Currently, the country’s public opinion seems to point in the direction of imposing more regulations around these types of commercials. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Maru Public Opinion earlier this year revealed that 66% of Canadians say sports betting commercials shouldn’t be allowed during live sports games or events. Similarly, 59% think a nationwide ban on sports betting commercials should be implemented straight away. 

Sports betting ads, in particular, have been a hot topic recently. The territory of Ontario began releasing a plethora of sports betting ads approximately two years ago, however, instead of being only visible online in the territory of Ontario, they’re visible all over Canada. This means that Ontario’s sports betting ads pop up even in territories where betting websites are not regulated, which is a major cause for concern for a coalition that is made up of lottery and gaming corporations from 8 different territories. 

The coalition explained that some territories have yet to fully legalize all forms of wagering, so Canadian citizens in territories outside of Ontario, where sports betting may still be a ‘legal gray zone’ are being bombarded with sports betting advertisements. The coalition is currently working hard to curb advertisements in territories outside of Ontario for this reason. 

In spite of these issues, the regulations for betting ads in Canada are subjected to strict guidelines that aim at minimizing any possible harm. Advertising standards bodies work together with provincial regulatory authorities who keep a close watch on what is aired, ensuring compliance with rules relating to content as well as positioning of betting ads. By working together with online betting platforms and operators, the country and all of its territories can move forward and support a positive gambling environment in Canada.

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