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CapFriendly is officially closed to the public
Credit: Getty Images
A few weeks ago, Elliotte Friedman reported that CapFriendly would be closing its doors after the Washington Capitals bought the platform and its data.

We knew this would happen after the draft and free agent craze, but we didn’t know exactly when.

I don’t know about you, but every morning, I went to see if CapFriendly still existed for the public. And every morning, I told myself that we were still buying each other time.

Actually, it went further than that: I made sure to always leave the CapFriendly window open. Just in case.

You’ll understand that it was this morning, when my computer needed a reboot, that CapFriendly was officially no longer in public use. The data now belongs to the Capitals.

We thought it was going to be last week, but now those who go to the site arrive at a page that aims to thank users for nine great years of service.

So it’s well and truly the end.

Obviously, everyone had gotten used to CapFriendly’s interface and changing sites is a shame. And while the same thing happened when CapGeek closed its doors, adapting to a new site like this isn’t easy for everyone.

This is clearly PuckPedia’s finest hour, and it’s also a good resource in terms of contracts.

That said, if you go to the Habs page, you’ll see that the important information remains the same as on CF. You can see a breakdown of the contracts of each of the club’s players, and the prospect bank is at the bottom of the page.

In my opinion, this will become as popular as CapFriendly was… and maybe it will make an NHL club want to buy the site.

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