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Sedin twins steal the show at Canucks development camp
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Like the Montreal Canadiens this week, several teams have held (or are still holding) their development camps.

These teams receive their various prospects and guest players to undergo physical tests and evaluate their skills off and on the ice.

At the Habs development camp, it was Michael Hage and Florian Xhekaj who attracted the most attention.

These are two young prospects who were expected to perform well, which is good news for their future development.

Turning our attention elsewhere in the NHL, we were treated to a nice surprise at the Canucks’ development camp.

It was during a fitness test–the ascent of the famous Grouse Grind, a 2.9-kilometre trail with a 780-metre vertical drop in British Columbia near Vancouver–that we were treated to a pleasant surprise.

Indeed, while all the Canucks’ hopefuls were trying to make their mark by completing this climb as quickly as possible, it was two other people who stood out instead.

I’m talking about the 43-year-old Sedin twins, who finished first.

Henrik and Daniel Sedin, both retired, beat the Canucks’ 28 rookies to the top of this complex course they know so well.

Among the players, Macklin Celebrini’s brother, Aiden Celebrini, arrived first.

And when he arrived, he quickly explained that he had finished behind the Sedin twins.

I’m the first to finish [among the prospects], but I’m behind the Sedins. They’re not human. – Aiden Celebrini

In short, it really shows how well the two Swedish twins, who are now development coaches with the Canucks, keep fit even when they’re retired.


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