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A disappointing season for Logan Mailloux
Credit: Getty Images
Logan Mailloux had such a great season in the AHL that at the end of the year, he earned himself a game with the big club.

In this game against the Detroit Red Wings, he did well. He picked up an assist.

Despite a professional rookie season with 48 points (47 with the Rocket), an appearance at the AHL All-Star Game and great comments from just about everyone, a reporter from The Hockey News slipped it by saying this in a piece published this morning: “despite a disappointing season, Mailloux was the Rocket’s only representative at the All-Star event…”

Disappointing season? Really?

After all he’s been through and the obstacles he’s overcome on and off the ice, Mailloux has won the hearts of fans, but also coaches. In the text, Conor Tomalty seems to imply that his participation in the All-Star Game was somewhat by default.

In my opinion, he hasn’t stolen his place in the sun… By the way, check out the comments under the publication on X and you’ll notice that fans aren’t too happy with the way the Canadiens prospect was described in the article.

Despite his critics, Mailloux will have the chance to break into the big club’s line-up this season from the start of the campaign. He has the advantage of being right-handed and not having much competition. There’s David Savard, who’s guaranteed to make the team, and Justin Barron. Johnathan Kovacevic was recently traded and David Reinbacher should start the season in Laval.

Again, no, 47 points for a rookie defenseman in the AHL is not “disappointing”.

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