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Lane Hutson’s friends sent him Ivan Demidov videos before the draft
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Exactly one week ago, the Canadiens drafted Ivan Demidov, Montreal’s newest star.

A selection that met with a warm and enthusiastic welcome from fans.

And don’t worry, they weren’t the only ones who wanted him to be selected by Kent Hughes Céline Dion. Indeed, Lane Hutson’s friends also wanted him to be a teammate of their chum . Before the draft, they were apparently sending highlights of the Russian to Hutson and strongly wished that they would become teammates.

Inevitably, the defenseman got on Demidov’s hype train (like everyone else) and was impressed.

That’s what Arpon Basu mentioned to the very popular podcast The Basu and Godin Notebook.

The two athletes actually met at the draft and had a chance to get to know each other a little.

Hutson was/is obviously happy with the selection.

But it’s in 2025-2026 that both will have the chance to really develop their chemistry (especially on the power play).

In Hutson’s case, he’s likely to be playing in Montreal next season, but it’s much less certain for Demidov, who seems intent on honoring his KHL contract. No Demidov: another year of early draft picks before Montreal’s return to the playoffs?


– Super.

– Habs fans are the real deal.

– Must See.

– I think so.

– He’s the third pick in the latest draft.

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