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Patrick Roy loses one of his assistants
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In recent years, the Islanders haven’t had it easy with their draft picks.

Right now, New York doesn’t have the best bank of prospects; the club has one of the worst, but at least they managed to get their hands on Cole Eiserman, who fell all the way to 20th on Friday night. Remember that at this time last year, the striker was nose-to-nose with Macklin Celebrini.

I can’t wait to see if Eiserman can make the other teams lie and improve his 200-foot game, in particular. Because scoring goals won’t be a problem for him. In this selection, however (and the other five), Patrick Roy had no say in the matter.

Perhaps that’s why no QMJHL players were selected by the squad.

Usually, coaches are present at the draft, but not Roy. He was in the Quebec City area.

Shortly after the auction, coach Lou Lamoriello’s boss spoke and confirmed that one of the assistant coaches Doug Honda will not be back with the team.

The man who led the defense and the league’s worst shorthanded lineup didn’t convince his boss. Roy, John MacLean and Benoît Desrosiers remain in place.

But for Honda’s replacement, one wonders if another Quebecer could make it to the Big Apple. After all, Patrick Roy has never been afraid to promote Quebec and the QMJHL in general. The proof: shortly after his hiring, he brought his good friend Desrosiers with him.

Could Louis Robitaille, former head coach and GM of the Gatineau Olympiques, be a potential candidate? In 2023-2024, he was the pilot of the Cape Breton Eagles and is a good chum of Le Roy. Stéphane Julien, Carl Mallette and Sylvain Favreau, coaches the Laval Rocket may eventually meet, are also interesting candidates.

Will Lamoriello trust Roy, or will he bring his own man?

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