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Beckett Sennecke is “firmly in the mix” for the Ducks’ 3rd pick
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Who will the Canadiens draft in the fifth spot of Friday’s auction?

In an ideal world, Cayden Lindstrom or Ivan Demidov would be available for the Flanelle. But just because that’s the popular assessment of what needs to be done doesn’t mean all teams see things the same way.

As you can see on The Athletic, the lists are different this year.

This means that everyone can see things differently from everyone else… and you know as well as I do that it only takes one team that likes a player to turn everything upside down.

At #2, Artyom Levshunov is increasingly being lined up as the Hawks’ choice over Ivan Demidov, for example… but who knows if the club doesn’t like a player who’s a little more left-field.

But it’s the Ducks who could spring a surprise.

According to Scott Wheeler, the Anaheim Ducks are “firmly” considering Beckett Sennecke for the club’s first (and third) speaking slot on Friday night.

Obviously, this has the power to change a lot of things.

If Sennecke goes to the Ducks ahead of Demidov and/or Lindstrom, there’s one more player available to the Habs than was publicly projected for the #5 spot.

Lindstrom and Sennecke have a similar profile. Does that mean the Ducks like Sennecke better than the Western guy? Does this mean that Lindstrom’s back pain is going to be scary? Does this mean the Ducks don’t like Demidov too much?

If so, you have to wonder if the Ducks are the only ones who feel this way, or if it’s a trend in the NHL.

Martin Madden Jr. is a draft expert and he won’t go if he has to. And while the Ducks may need a defenseman a little more than a forward, if Sennecke is high on the lists… it’ll be him.

Note that since Wheeler’s text just a few hours ago, BET365’s odds of drafting Sennecke in Anaheim have gone from +3000 to +1200, which is no mean feat.


– Speaking of Demidov.

– That’s a nice sweater.

– Well done.

– Will the goalie be traded?

– Hum…

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