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Paul Maurice wishes the Winnipeg Jets a Stanley Cup
Credit: Getty Images
Paul Maurice is a very, very popular trainer with the media. He leaves a strong impression on the people he comes into contact with, and that endears him to them.

As a result, when he speaks, Maurice is always popular with people, who enjoy listening to him talk.

But it has to be said that yesterday, as a Stanley Cup winner, he said/did things that Kris Knoblauch (who may have more chances to win in the future) or anyone else wouldn’t have said. Here’s what it looked like.

1. When he lifted the Stanley Cup into the air, he closed his eyes. It was to feel the Stanley Cup instead of see it. And that’s the kind of detail people like.

He liked to feel his guys’ sweat as he hugged them, because they worked not to win the Cup, but to share it. And in the end, that’s what he wants.

2. His father will see the name “Maurice” on the Stanley Cup. And for Paul, that’s important. So he tells him straight to the camera.

Since his father grew up watching the Canadiens, Paul Maurice told him that his name would go on the Cup along with those of Maurice Richard and Jean Béliveau, among others. So he shared the Cup with his son and father.

3. In an interview with Sportsnet, he said he’d like the Jets, the club he left just over two years ago, to be in a position to win the next Stanley Cup.

Who here would wish the Cup on another club and get away with it? Anyone else would have been screwed for it, but not him. #Aura

Roberto Luongo and Matthew Tkachuk, who also won their first Stanley Cup, thanked the Canucks and Flames – without wishing them the Cup, of course – after their victory.

Tkachuk told Flames fans he couldn’t let the Oilers win…

4. Paul Maurice thought he was done coaching when he left Winnipeg and now, in his 26th season as an NHL pilot, he’s a Cup champion. He’s been through a lot to understand what it takes to win.

I wonder how much more he has left.


– 16 votes out of 17 as playoff MVP. Clearly, he’d trade his 16 votes for a 16th win.

– The Canadian curse continues.

– Brady Tkachuk has fun.

– Poor guy…

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