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Final list of top prospects: Bob McKenzie places Cayden Lindstrom 5th
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The various NHL experts are starting to share their final lists for the next NHL Draft.

The event will take place on Friday…

And in Vegas, preparations have already begun to welcome the 32 clubs and top prospects of the next draft.

Bob McKenzie is renowned as one of the game’s best insiders.

When he publishes his list of top prospects, often said list is very close to reality… And even if he’s wrong once in a while (which is normal), we’re talking about a guy with a good batting average .

The Informant has published its final list of top prospects and, of course, Macklin Celebrini’s name is at the top.

But the top-10 list looks like this:

  1. Macklin Celebrini
  2. Ivan Demidov
  3. Artyom Levshunov
  4. Anton Silayev
  5. Cayden Lindstrom
  6. Sam Dickinson
  7. Zeev Buium
  8. Zayne Parekh
  9. Konsta Helenius
  10. Tij Iginla

Of course, it’s Lindstrom’s name at the 5th level that gets most of the attention here.

That’s where the Habs will be drafting, after all:

That’s interesting, especially in light of Lindstrom’s health problems last season. #HerniaDiscale

Scott Wheeler, who is also seen as one of the good experts at the prospect level, released his final mock draft for Friday this morning…

And he, too, has Cayden Lindstrom’s name in the 5th spot.

The more it goes on, the more popular Lindstrom’s name seems to be in Montreal.

Because if he’s available and Ivan Demidov is already gone, the Canadiens could have the luxury of drafting a big forward who knows how to score goals.

In any case, it’s very much in line with what Habs management is looking for.


– I love it.

– No developments regarding Patrick Kane.

– Minor deal between Preds and Wings.

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