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Canadiens to meet Anton Silayev (again) this week in Vegas
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Good. The Stanley Cup is now behind us and the question on the minds of Habs fans is: who will be drafted with the fifth right in the next auction?

Obviously, the options on the table are numerous. I count, to varying degrees, a dozen candidates who are likely to see their name called by the Habs – to varying degrees – in the fifth spot.

We’re talking about Cayden Lindstrom, Ivan Demidov, Beckett Sennecke, Tij Iginla and the auction’s top six defensemen.

Realistically, taking for granted that guys like Anton Silayev and Artyom Levshunov will come out on top, Cayden Lindstrom and/or Ivan Demidov are likely to be available to the Habs.

If both are, Arpon Basu seems to think the Habs might prefer Lindstrom.

But we shouldn’t rule out the option of the Hawks drafting Demidov and the Blue Jackets going with Lindstrom. It’s not necessarily likely, but it’s possible.

And then what?

In such a scenario, Zeev Buium. Sam Dickinson (who has the potential of a #1 defenseman), Silayev and Levshunov would be the most logical names floating around town among the defensemen. Because yes, at this point, it would be a possibility.

On that subject, it’s interesting to note that Montreal Canadiens management will be meeting again with Anton Silayev, the big left-handed defenseman with the looks of Zdeno Chara.

The meeting will take place in Vegas, according to David Pagnotta.

The prospect is due to arrive in town today, and even though the Habs already met with him earlier in the month, he obviously has more questions for him going forward.

Note that this isn’t an isolated case, as every club with a top-10 pick is going to do the same with this prospect whose offensive potential isn’t the highest.

Even so, the Ducks have a good chance of drafting him third overall.


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