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16 playoff goals for Hyman: An NHL record (since the salary cap era)
Credit: Getty Images
Zach Hyman is having a dream season.

He scored 54 goals in 80 games during the regular season… And yesterday, he scored his team’s 3rd goal against the Panthers to bring his goal total to 16 since the start of the playoffs.

He now has 70 in 23-24 games, which is impressive. Especially considering he’s known by many as a guy who only garbage goals… :

Hyman’s 16th playoff goal of the season set an NHL record in the salary cap era.

He surpassed Sidney Crobsy and Alex Ovechkin in this regard, which is also a remarkable feat:

It’s only now that we realize what a mistake the Leafs made in letting him leave Toronto in the summer of 2021.

Hyman, who was free as a bird, signed a seven-year, $5.5 M contract with the Oilers…

And even though it was originally thought to be a lot of money for a grinder, Edmonton management must be really proud of their shot right now.

At least, they should be.

After all, Hyman has quickly adapted to his new team’s style and has been producing up to expectations since arriving in Alberta:

  • 27 goals and 27 assists (54 points) in 2021-2022 + 16 points (eleven goals) in the playoffs
  • 36 goals and 47 assists (83 points) in 2022-2023 + 11 points (three goals) in the playoffs
  • 54 goals and 23 assists (77 points) in 2023-2023 + 21 points (16 goals) in the playoffs
Zach Hyman may not be the flashiest player in the NHL, but he sure knows how to handle himself.

We’re also talking about a guy who is appreciated in the room and by the fans for his constant effort, and that’s a credit to him, too.

Younger players should watch him work to take notes, as we see how hard he works to get results.

He’s a sight to behold.


– Wow… No.

– Right. Another case.

– Happy Birthday!

– Who will win tomorrow’s Grand Prix?

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