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Barclay Goodrow on the ballot

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Barclay Goodrow on the ballot
Credit: Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

For the past few weeks, there’s been very little news on the waivers due to the playoffs, but today a big name was submitted.

The Rangers want nothing more to do with Barclay Goodrow.

He’s signed for three more seasons ($3,641,667) and has a no-trade clause in his pact.

When he signed a three-year, $21.85 million contract in July 2021, he had just won two Stanley Cups in Tampa Bay and had been a very useful player, especially in the playoffs.

In his first two years in New York, he barely broke the 30-point plateau, but in the spring tournament, he struggled to make an impact.

In his third season in the Big Apple, he collected 12 points in the regular season. He bounced back well in the playoffs, however, scoring six goals in 16 games, including the overtime winner to tie the Eastern series against the Panthers at 1-1. In fact, he finished as the team’s fourth leading scorer in the playoffs, behind Vincent Trocheck, Alexis Lafrenière and Chris Kreider (8).

Even so, he was put in the waivers. From hero to zero…

The Rangers are going all out for next season. A number of big names will become free agents in July 2025, and Chris Drury would like to make a splash this summer.

With a salary of close to four million a year, I don’t think Goodrow will be claimed. Stay tuned.


Could a contract buyout be an option? The image below (right-hand column) shows that the Rangers won’t be handcuffed for the next six seasons.

A reminder that the contract buyout period could open as early as tomorrow evening.

(Credit: Cap Friendly )
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