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Anton Silayev ranked 24th on Simon Boisvert’s list
Credit: Getty Images

Everyone says it: the 2024 draft is unpredictable. With the exception of Macklin Celebrini at No. 1, opinions differ and many people have a list that differs from the usual “consensus”.

You can imagine that Simon Boisvert, who doesn’t hesitate to think outside the box – for better or for worse – when it comes to ranking prospects, has a list that differs from what we usually see.

And in today’s process episode, he unveiled the fruits of his labor. And it’s hard work, because he watches a lot of prospect hockey.

What you need to know is that Boisvert doesn’t go in with a mock draft: he ranks the guys regardless of which club is in line. That’s why it’s a list and not a mock draft.

And those who follow him know that his most important criterion is talent.

He’s often said during the episode (and in the past) that he wants to see clubs go for the home run in the first round. And since he doesn’t worry about off-ice (those whose job it is to decide are the ones who have to weigh up these aspects), it’s a different list.

That’s why, for example, he has Trevor Connelly at #2 and Anton Silayev at #24. And that’s even though many people see him coming out of the top-4 at the latest.

In his eyes, he’s not a bad defender. That said, he feels that selecting him with a high pick would be a bit of a waste, since his offensive upside isn’t exactly the highest.

Is that also why Craig Button has him at 16th?

Boisvert isn’t saying Silayev is a bad player: on the contrary, he seems to think he’s a good hockey player. What he is saying is that he sees a pretty low offensive ceiling in his case.

In his opinion, he will become an excellent defenseman, but more of a defensive player.

And in his eyes, guys like that can be found in other ways. That’s why we’re seeing the Giant drop in his rankings, because he doesn’t see the point of him leaving so soon.

A lot of people see him going out in Anaheim, and maybe it is too soon. But 24th is still low in my eyes.

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