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Trevor Zegras: Cogeco radio station reports he was seen with Martin St-Louis yesterday
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Among the forwards who could change address this summer, the name of Trevor Zegras often comes up. The Ducks are open to the possibility of trading him, even though he’s only 23 and still under contract for two years.

For some, it’s a red flag… but others see the talent coming out of his ears.

In Montreal, the names of Kaiden Guhle and David Reinbacher have been bandied about as a potential price to pay– a rather greedy price.

At the same time, the Ducks can afford to be greedy, considering they don’t have a time constraint on trading him.

However, he would certainly help Montreal’s forward group if he were to be traded to the Habs… and according to what Jérôme Landry reported on a Cogeco radio station (FM93, in Quebec City), Zegras was seen with Martin St-Louis yesterday in New York :

They saw each other in the gym, chatted, then left together […] arm in arm, chummy-chummy. – Jérôme Landry

Since Cogeco saw fit to take the host’s comments at face value, I’m also reporting them as is.

However, when you listen to the excerpt, there’s something to be said for the whole thing. First of all, you get the feeling that Landry (who openly hates the Habs) is into thick butter, as he insists that Zegras would give the Habs a “nice little fancyclub” that would be “good in November”.

I have a little trouble imagining that Zegras and St-Louis, who know they could be recognized and charged with raiding if word got out, really decided to leave a New York gym “arm in arm”.

Then again, maybe Landry is telling the truth, but listening to the clip, the way the whole thing is presented sounds much more like a mockery of the coverage in connection with the rumors involving the Canadiens.

If Cogeco saw fit to report the remarks, there may be some truth to it… but I’ll remain cautious, personally.

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