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Amanda Kessel drafted by Montreal after rumours sending her to Minnesota
Credit: Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Amanda Kessel, Phil’s sister, has a great talent for hockey. That said, last year, she didn’t play in the CFHL. Instead, she was a special assistant to Kyle Dubas in Pittsburgh.

Her management experience led to rumours of her becoming GM of the Minnesota women’s team in the WHL.

We don’t know if that’s still on the table, but should the talented player ever decide to play, her rights now belong to Montreal, who took a chance on her on the heels of last night’s penultimate draft pick. #HailMary

Should she ever make it to Montreal, she could be a dangerous weapon for the Quebec club, given her talent. After all, we could see her playing on the first line, if she ever arrives in town.

Nothing is certain, but the Montreal club has set its sights on the circuit with its latest draft pick.

As for the rest of the draft, seven players have been added to the Montreal roster. Cayla Barnes fills a defensive need, and three forwards follow in the middle of the pack.

Two defensive players preceded Kessel in the final round.

What’s also noticeable is that only one Canadian is coming to town. Out of seven players, five are American, one is Swedish and forward Jennifer Gardiner is from Canada.

The BC player has, however, played in the USA for Ohio State in recent years.

In other words, no player who has played in Canada has been chosen by Montreal. This is not an isolated case, however, as only New York has chosen a player who played in Canada this season.

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