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“They really need to change their glasses”: Simon Boisvert when he sees Trevor Connelly out of a top-10 finish
Credit: Photo by Michael Miller/ISI Photos/Getty Images
As is the case every year at the draft, talented prospects slip and fall on the various lists of experts and analysts.

Once in the draft, these same names are often ignored for several picks before finally landing somewhere.

And often, afterwards, these down-and-out prospects are seen as steals from their respective drafts.

One example is Brad Lambert, who was seen as a top-10 prospect at the beginning of the year and eventually fell all the way down to the Winnipeg Jets’ 30ᵉ ranking.

Today, Lambert is playing very well in the AHL, as he has 55 points (21 goals and 34 assists) in 64 games this season, and is very likely to be playing in the NHL next year at age 20.

So we’re all wondering why such a talented prospect has slipped so much.

Well, it could happen again this year at the draft, when the name of the talented but enigmatic Trevor Connelly could very well tumble despite all his talent.

Indeed, Connelly is already excluded from the top-10 of virtually all the experts’ lists, except one, namely Simon Boisvert’s.

In fact, Snake is urging his counterparts to go to the optometrist and change their glasses.

Indeed, Boisvert simply can’t believe that Connelly is excluded from the top-10 on all these different lists.

For him, the experts and analysts simply don’t see Connelly’s talent and potential.

Boisvert believes that Connelly is one of the most talented players in the entire draft, and that his execution speed is impressive.

In addition to his speed and excellent hands, he does everything very quickly.

As a comparison, Boisvert named Pavel Bure, who had an entire NHL career of excellent seasons, including two with 60 goals and over 100 points.

That’s a pretty big comparison to make about Connelly, but it’s very much in line with what Boisvert said about Connelly a while back, namely that the young American is going to be worth the price of the season ticket as he’s going to electrify the crowds.

In short, Boisvert likes Connelly a lot and doesn’t understand why the young man’s off-ice problems are affecting his draft ranking so much.

For the prospect analyst, it’s a case of a teenager acting like a teenager.

Boisvert believes that even with his behavioral problems and strong character, which can be disruptive and cause him to make poor decisions, Connelly is worth the risk at the top of the draft because of all his talent.

In short, here’s a name to keep an eye on at the draft, as the young man who amassed 78 points, including 51 goals in 52 games this season in the USHL with the Storm Tri-City could very well slip to the end of the first round.

To find out more, check out the entire episode of Tony Marinaro’s Sick Podcast with Simon Boisvert.

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