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Valeri Nichushkin to take part in Russian hockey league this summer
Credit: Photo by Ashley Potts/NHLI via Getty Images

Since the second round of playoffs in the National Hockey League, there’s one issue that’s been getting a lot of attention.

The Colorado Avalanche received an unpleasant surprise regarding Russian forward Valeri Nichushkin.

He was removed from the team in the middle of the series against the Dallas Stars because he was once again placed on the NHL’s assistance program, this time in Stage 3.

This had the effect of suspending the Russian forward without pay for six months.

So if he wants to return to the NHL, it will be after those six months, and he’ll have to apply and be approved.

We also wonder whether his teammates will accept him back in the room or not.

But in the end, Avalanche general manager Chris MacFarland said it’svery plausible that Nichushkin could return next year.

And until then, well, it looks like the Russian forward has found a way to keep himself busy.

He’s scheduled to take part in a summer hockey league in Russia.

According toinformation from TASS.RU, Nichushkin will be part of the Media Hockey League’s second season, which will run from July 6 to August 31.

The first season ended on April 20.

Most of the matches will be held in Moscow, but some will also take place in the regions.

Nichushkin would therefore be playing games in Russia, which means he’s clearly not barred in his homeland.

The organization’s president, Nikolai Osipov, said that of all the NHL players, Nichushkin was the only one who had 100% confirmed his attendance.

This means that other NHL players have received invitations and could join the league this summer.

Getting back to Nichushkin, the fact that he’ll be playing hockey this summer tells us that he’s most likely not in some kind of rehab program that’s preventing him from playing hockey.

The Russian forward is rumoured to have failed a drug test.

The 29-year-old will therefore stay in shape by playing in this league, before attempting to return to the NHL with the Avalanche.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

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