Armie Hammer has checked into an in-patient program for drug, alcohol, and sex issues, Vanity Fair reports.

According to the report, the actor left the Caymans and entered a Florida facility near Orlando on May 31. His estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers, and their two young children were spotted seeing him off at an airport in the Caymans.

A friend of Hammer’s told Vanity Fair, “This is a clear sign that he is taking back control [of] his life and knows that this [is] a step towards his overall well being.”

The move comes after months of controversy and allegations surrounding the actor, who is being investigated for sexual assault after the 24-year-old woman behind the House of Effie Instagram account held a press conference accusing him of rape. Harmer’s lawyer has denied the accusation.

Hammer’s public issues began in January when a series of unverified Instagram direct messages supposedly from him leaked online, describing graphic sexual fantasies that included violence and cannibalism. At the time, he called them “vicious and spurious online attacks.”

He has since departed a number of projects, including the movies Shotgun Wedding and Billion Dollar Spy, the Godfather-inspired series The Offer, the Julia Roberts series Gaslit, and the Broadway show The Minutes.

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