The Late Late Show's "Carpool Karaoke" segment was temporarily replaced last night with "Tea on the 405", as James Corden welcomed very special guest Prince Harry for a tour of Los Angeles on a double-decker bus. The pair enjoyed a cuppa, chatted about a variety of topics, and even stopped at a stranger’s house for a pee break.

The segment not only delivered plenty of laughs, but it also revealed quite a bit about the disconnect between the royal family and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Harry made it clear that he has a different opinion from the palace and the UK government about a variety of topics, including The Crown, the “toxic” British press, and whether or not they “walked away” from the royal family.

Check out the five things we learned from Harry’s appearance on The Late Late Show, and watch the video below:

Megan’s nickname for Harry is “Haz”
During a visit to the house that appears in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the pair Facetimed Megan, who asked her husband “How’s the tour going, Haz?” Corden immediately picked up on the nickname and said to Harry, "I didn’t know we were calling you Haz now,” to which the duke replied, “Well, you’re not my wife, so...”

Harry Defended The Crown
Last year, the UK government wrote to Netflix requesting that a disclaimer be added to The Crown to make it clear the series is fiction, prompted by fans’ reaction to the depiction of the royal family’s poor treatment of Harry’s mother, Diana. Harry told Corden he doesn’t share the same views as the government. “They don't pretend to be news. It's fictional. But it's loosely based on the truth. Of course it's not strictly accurate, of course it's not. But gives you a rough idea about what that lifestyle, what the pressures of putting duty and service above family and everything else, what can come from that.”

In a barb directed at the British press, Harry added, “I am way more comfortable with The Crown than I am seeing the stories written about my family or my wife or myself. Because [The Crown] is obviously fiction -- take it how you will -- but this is being reported on as fact because you're supposedly news. I have a real issue with that.” He also suggested that Homeland’s Damian Lewis play him in future seasons.

The Queen Gave Baby Archie a Unique Christmas Gift
Harry gushed over his son Archie, saying “My son is just over a year and a half. He is hysterical. He's got the most amazing personality. He's already putting three or four words together, he's already signing songs.” He also added that Archie’s first word was “crocodile” and that The Queen sent Archie a beloved gift.

"My grandmother asked us what Archie wanted for Christmas, and Meg said a waffle maker. So she sent us a waffle maker for Archie. [For] breakfast now, Meg makes up a beautiful, organic mix, [puts it] in the waffle maker, flips it, out it comes. He loves it...Archie wakes up in the morning and just goes, 'Waffle?'"

Prince Philip Isn't Great with Computers
"We've Zoomed them a few times," Harry said of Elizabeth, 94, and Philip, 99. "They've seen Archie running around. My grandfather, instead of pressing 'Leave Meeting,' he just [closes the laptop] ... I'm like, 'OK, bye?'"

Harry Does Not Like It When People Say He “Walked Away” from His Duties
Last week, Buckingham Palace confirmed that Harry and Meghan will not return as working members of the Royal Family. In response, he was asked to return his honorary military appointments and he’ll no longer hold royal patronages. Harry addressed his decision to move to out of the UK, telling Corden, “It was never walking away. It was stepping back rather than stepping down. It was a really difficult environment, as I think a lot of people saw. We all know what the British press can be like, and it was destroying my mental health. I was like, 'This is toxic.' So, I did what any husband and what any father would do, and I was like, 'I need to get my family out of here.'”

He added, “But we never walked away. And as far as I'm concerned, whatever decisions are made on that side, I will never walk away. I will always be contributing. My life is public service so wherever I am in the world, it's going to be the same thing."

Watch the segment below:

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