Beyoncé made a fan’s day by surprising her with a sweet phone call.

The singer reached out to a superfan after a video went viral of a little girl crying in happiness while watching Bey’s new Disney+ visual album, Black Is King.

Rea Khoetha posted a video last week of her niece Tshepang weeping while watching the film and saying, "It's so beautiful."

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, gave a shout out to Rea and Tshepang in an Instagram post, and then followed it up with another post, confirming that Beyoncé had reached out to Rea via phone.

Wrote Knowles on Instagram: “I posted A little girl crying soo hard after seeing ‘Black Is King’ and saying it was so beautiful!” she wrote in the new post. “Beyoncé called her and talked to her! She was so happy! This movie of videos, especially ‘Brown Skin Girl’ touched so many girls, and women as well!!! I was so happy she called her in Africa without me asking her.”

Rea posted about the surprise phone call on Twitter, saying that she couldn’t reveal much about the conversation because “NDA is a real thing” but that Beyoncé called her via WhatsApp and wanted her to tell her niece “how gorgeous she is and tell her quote ‘You are my gift’”. She said that she has a video of the call, but will not be sharing it with the public.

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