Sparks are flying between Tiffany Haddish and Common – but no one can tell if it’s real or not.

Haddish, who is a spokesperson for Bumble, recently appeared in a post on the dating app’s Instagram feed in which she went on a virtual date with Common, and now there’s speculation that her relationship with the Grammy-winning rapper is more than just advertising.

During their ultra-cute social distancing date, Common told her "You look very beautiful," to which she replied: "You look very handsome yourself. I was thinking about waxing my eyebrows and stuff but now I realize I don't know how to do that."

The pair’s remote date continued with them getting food delivered for themselves (and medical workers) and dancing. When it was wrapping up, Common told Haddish, "I would love to see you again, you know, do another Bumble date."

Haddish did a FaceTime interview with The Today Show, during which host Hoda Kotb asked about their relationship. "We went on a virtual Bumble date. Get out of my bedroom, Hoda!" she laughed, adding, "Now it's just me in my bedroom and all of my clean clothes. I piled all the clean clothes next to me so it feels like somebody's in the bed."

There's no word if more social distancing dates are in the pair's future, but our fingers are crossed that they'll someday go from remote to real life!

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