Cardi B reunited with her “Uncle Bernie.”

The rapper invited Bernie Sanders to join her on Instagram Live last night to talk politics, coronavirus and manicures.

Sanders started the chat by asking Cardi what she thought of the state of his nails. "They're looking very quarantine," she teased. "I can tell you've been in quarantine for a while now."

The pair, who have previously worked together to encourage young people to vote, discussed Sanders’ recent decision to drop out of the presidential race and endorse Joe Biden. “I had a fit because I was so hurt and upset that you dropped out of the race and everything,” Cardi told Sanders. “I keep telling my people and my supporters that you guys really need to go and vote. Now we’re between 45 [President Trump] — we ain’t going to name him over here — and Joe Biden…A lot of people, like the youth, they don't rock with Joe Biden, because he's conservative. I want you to explain to my platform, why are you endorsing him?"

Sanders told Cardi and her 62 million followers that he hopes to work with Biden in the coming months to "see that he becomes a more progressive candidate" on issues like immigration, raising the minimum wage, criminal justice reform, and healthcare.

"When I announced that I was running for president, and there were like, 18 people running, what I said was, 'If I don't win — and I tried hard to win — I will endorse the Democrat who wins, because Donald Trump is, to my mind, the most dangerous president in the modern history of America," Sanders told Cardi. "This is a guy who lies all the time. He doesn't believe in science. He downplayed this whole coronavirus, which has led to the deaths of many thousands of people, unnecessarily. He doesn't believe in the Constitution, he thinks he's above the law. This is a bad news guy that has got to be defeated."

Cardi echoed his sentiments about Trump, telling Sanders “One think that baffles my mental about number 45 is that you know, when this coronavirus news was hitting and everything, he just kept blaming that this was a move of the Democrats to make him look bad. That everything that the Democrats do is bad propaganda to make him look bad, but the thing is that honey, you don't need the Democrats to make you look bad. You make your own self look bad."

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