Taylor Swift Transforms Into "The Man" In Her Latest Video

Taylor Swift The Man video


Miss Americana who? Taylor Swift is unrecognizable in her new music video for “The Man,” in which she wears prosthetics, makeup and a fake beard to transform convincingly into a dude.

In the video, Man Taylor is an obnoxious executive who smokes cigars and manspreads on the subway, pees in public, yachts with a bevy of beauties, pays little attention to his daughter, and does body shots off beautiful women with his homies at the bar. Swift later realistically transforms into an old man getting married to a young model.

Her father, Scott Swift, makes a cameo as a tennis referee.

The video concludes with Swift, acting as a director, giving notes to Man Taylor (who’s voiced by Dwayne Johnson). “Could you try to be sexier? Maybe more likeable this time?” she directs.

The end credits show Swift undergoing her transformation into a man, with the words “directed by Taylor Swift,” “written by Taylor Swift,” and “owned by Taylor Swift” flashing across the screen. It’s a not-so-subtle jab at Scooter Braun, who owns the masters of her first six albums. In the subway scene, there’s also a sign with a line through a scooter – signalling No Scooters.

Watch the video below:

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