Christmas came early for Ariana Grande fans! Not only were they just gifted with a new video, but the ponytailed superstar also graces the new cover of Vogue, in which she tearfully opens up about Pete Davidson and Mac Miller.

In the interview, the 26-year-old singer talks about her relationship with the late Miller, who passed away last year of an accidental overdose: "He was the best person ever, and he didn’t deserve the demons he had. I was the glue for such a long time, and I found myself becoming . . . less and less sticky. The pieces just started to float away."

She also talks the 2017 bombing at her concert in Manchester that left 22 people dead, saying "It's not my trauma. It's those families. It's their losses, and so it's hard to just let it all out without thinking about them reading this and reopening the memory for them."

The Vogue interview isn’t all tears and gloom, though. Grande lightens up when she reflects on her short-lived engagement to Pete Davidson. "My friends were like, 'Come [to New York]! We're gonna have a fun summer.' And then I met Pete, and it was an amazing distraction. It was frivolous and fun and insane and highly unrealistic, and I loved him, and I didn't know him. I'm like an infant when it comes to real life and this old soul, been-around-the-block-a-million-times artist."

Vogue also debuted a new video for “In My Head,” which features the singer performing the song in a stark, white room. The lyrics have fans speculating that she’s singing about her relationship with Davidson, as the lyrics echo what she says in the interview. The song starts with, "Painted a picture; I thought I drew you well/I had a vision of seeing what isn't there/Caught in the moment, tangled up in your sheets/When you broke my heart, said you only wanted half of me."

Watch the video below:

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