Jimmy Kimmel Tests Raptors Fans’ Politeness

Jimmy Kimmel Tests Raptors Fans’ Politeness

Just how mild-mannered and accommodating are Canadians? Jimmy Kimmel is determined to find out – by tormenting Raptors fans.

Before Game 5, Kimmel sent a camera crew to Toronto to ask Raptors fans to film a fake promo about the game. The fans were happy to do it in their Raptors gear – until they were then asked to don a Warriors jersey and do it again.

“I can’t do it; you’ll have to find someone else,” the first man politely declined. But with just a little bit of needling, he was convinced to switch sides and do a pro-Warriors promo. As a matter of fact, all the individuals in the clip agreed to shoot a promo for the opposing team.

“Don’t tell anybody!” one girl said as she put on the Warriors jersey.

This isn’t the first time Kimmel has tried to test Canadians’ politeness surrounding the NBA finals. Last week, he sent a camera crew to Toronto to try to prod Raptors fans to trash talk the other team – which they were reluctant to do.

“Nope. We don’t do that here,” the first man responded.
“I would not do that against anybody. Canadians don’t do that,” added a woman.

“Why would I trash talk them?" said another. "They haven’t done nothing wrong to me, or my team. All I’m saying is that everybody’s playing right. If they want to win, they better play better than us. That’s all I can say.”

The ones who did eventually talk trash were still unfailingly polite and immediately apologized. “No, I don’t mean that! I just mean I hope you don’t win,” said one woman.


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