Arrow Bids Goodbye to Felicity Smoak -- Will Emily Bett Rickards Return?

Crédit photo: The CW Arrow Bids Goodbye to Felicity Smoak -- Will Emily Bett Rickards Return?

After seven years of saving the city, our favourite “bitch with wifi” bade farewell to Star City on Arrow’s season finale.

The episode quickly dispatched Emiko, this season’s disappointing big bad, within in the first 40 minutes, paving the way for the show to devote plenty of time for a proper send off for Felicity Smoak and OTA (Original Team Arrow).

After Emiko used her last breath to warn Oliver that his wife and unborn child will never be safe, Star City’s favourite couple broke the news to the team that they were stepping back from the vigilante life. They bid goodbye to Dinah, Roy, and Rene, and followed Diggle to an Argus-approved cabin that he’d found them to hide out in. We were then treated to a beautiful montage of the couple’s new, peaceful life, including the birth of their daughter, Mia.

But this being Arrow, bliss can never last long. The Monitor (with whom Oliver had made a secret deal to spare Barry and Kara’s life in the last crossover) arrived at the cabin to cash in on the favour. He revealed that Oliver would die in the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths (aka – the next crossover event), but before that happens, he could help the Monitor prevent numerous other Crisis deaths, including Felicity and Mia’s. A self-sacrificing hero to the end, Oliver bade a tearful goodbye to his family and followed the Monitor to his fate.

But perhaps Oliver doesn’t end up dying in the Crisis after all? In the last scene, set 20 years in the future, Felicity bids Mia and William goodbye and meets up with the Monitor on a dark road. “Where I’m taking you, there is no return,” he warns her. “I have waited a very long time to see him. I’m ready,” she responds before they enter a portal. Since the Monitor deals with multi-universes – not the afterlife – we can only assume that Oliver didn’t die but has instead been living on another Earth, plane or timeline. There is precedent: in the original Crisis comic, the event wiped out many Earths and characters who no longer fit in the merged universe (including Earth 2's Lois Lane, Kal-El and Earth Prime's Superboy), were sent to a paradise-like pocket dimension.

Felicity’s departure was expected, as actress Emily Bett Rickards recently announced that she would not be returning as a series regular for the show’s final 10 episodes next season. CW president Mark Pedowitz said he's open to the actress returning for an appearance next year, telling reporters at the upfronts: "Emily was terrific on the show, and we believe [showrunner] Beth Schwartz did a great job wrapping up Felicity's storyline. If Beth can find a way to bring her back in a way that makes sense and Emily is available, we'd love to have her. Otherwise I'm pleased at the way they said goodbye to the character."

The actress herself recently told Collider, "I don't know if anybody is going to like what I’m saying, but I feel like Felicity has done her time. We knew this was coming for awhile – for over a year – so the whole thing is exactly what we wanted to happen. I trust the writers, and that’s in their hands." She also told fans at a recent con: "It's not completely up to me. Never say never."

While fans had been bracing for Felicity's absence in the next season, what wasn't expected was Oliver leaving with the Monitor, which means season 8 will likely look completely different than the show we're used to. Where do you think Arrow is heading in its final stretch? Let us know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, check out how the cast and crew bid farewell to Felicity Smoak and season 7 on social media:



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