One Day at a Time isn't getting another day to shine.

On Thursday afternoon, Netflix announced that the show was cancelled after three seasons. The sitcom was an update of the classic Norman Lear-created show from the 70s, with the new iteration focusing on a Latina family. 

Netflix was surprisingly verbose about the cancellation, posting a series of tweets about their decision and blaming viewership numbers (which they do not release).

TV critics and entertainment reporters were quick to take to Twitter to call out Netflix for both the cancellation and how they justified it. One Day at a Time was not a Netflix original (the streaming platform had to pay a licencing fee to Sony Pictures Television), which likely factored into their decision. Netflix is increasingly focused on content they own, with reports suggesting they will spend $15 billion on original content this year. 

Check out the reaction from critics following the news:

The cast and creators expressed their gratitude for getting a chance to work on the show:

And some famous fan expressed their support:

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