Love makes the world go 'round -- or at least it makes us tune into our favourite shows. Check out the fictional TV couples that made our hearts soar in 2018:

Lyatt, Timeless
It’s been a rocky road for Timeless fans, with NBC cancelling the show in May, and then eventually bringing it back in December for a two-hour movie that promised to tie up loose ends. Fans who were concerned that the writers weren’t going to resolve the Lucy-Wyatt-Flynn triangle needed have worried – the movie was the perfect love letter to shippers.


Wayhaught, Wyonna Earp
Nicole and Waverly faced some tough times in season 3, dealing with the revelation that Nicole may be the only known survivor of the Cult of Bulshar. But their relationship strengthened as a result, and we got to see some lovely domestic moments. They are on the road to marriage, and we can’t wait!

Olicity, Arrow 
With the exception of a summer they spent off-screen, Oliver and Felicity have never really had an easy go of it on Arrow. Between Oliver’s habitual lying and the multitude of baddies always trying to destroy their lives, they don’t get a lot of moments of domestic bliss. Season 7 took it even further, with Oliver’s intense stint in jail leaving them both with a serious case of PTSD. But despite their hardships, our fave endgame couple has reunited and are now stronger than ever. 

Choni, Riverdale
Cheryl had a rough year this season, but Toni was her one bright spot. The couple shared a swoon-worthy kiss when Toni helped rescue Cheryl from conversion therapy. Then they whisked off on a motorcycle together for a three-month trip around the country. Knowing all the crazy stuff that goes down in Riverdale, they probably should have stayed away longer.

David and Patrick, Schitt’s Creek
David is a cynical, sarcastic character but his relationship with Patrick has exposed a side we rarely see from him. When Patrick prepares to serenade him, David and his equally-cynical mother Moira look mortified, until the first verse of Patrick’s cover of “Simply the Best.” They both quickly melt at the song’s sincerity and tenderness – just like the audience. And when David returned the favour with a “Simply the Best” private lip sync, our hearts were full!

Westallen, The Flash
The Flash is a family-friendly show, so Westallen fans don’t get to indulge in a lot of steamy scenes between their favourite couple. If anything, most of their hottest moments end up on the cutting room floor (like the clip above). But the show still does a remarkable job portraying Barry and Iris as a united force who will always be stronger together than apart.

Peraltiago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine 
After six seasons of bickering and sexual tension, Amy and Jake finally got married on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The ceremony featured a bomb scare, a venue change, and a lot of vows about butts – and it was perfect.  

Malec, Shadowhunters
We’re going to miss a lot about Shadowhunters when the series wraps up in 2019, but the thing we’ll miss most is the relationship between Magnus and Alec. They made our shipper’s list last year, and they were even more solid than ever this season as they settled into their relationship.  The fact that the network continues to mock the fandom just makes them stronger.

Fitzsimmons, Agents of SHIELD 
Leopold Fitz and Jemma Simmons haven’t had the easy journey, but they finally were able to transcend time and space to reunite in time for the perfect wedding in the show’s 100th episode.  We even got to meet their future grandson, which gives us hope that Fitz’s “death” at the end of the season is not going to stick.

CanEm, Erkenci Kuş 
This Turkish show doesn’t even air (legally) in North America, and yet my entire Twitter feed is obsessed with the series’ central couple, Can and Sanem. After every episode airs overseas, adorable GIFs and clips flood my timeline. Despite being incredibly chaste by North American standards (there's been 26 episodes that clock in at over 2 hours each, and yet we've only gotten handful of kisses so far), it's still incredibly swoon-worthy. The leads have insane chemistry and somehow constantly end up accidentally tripping into each other's arms (the title of the show translates to "Early Bird," but I wouldn't have been surprised to find out it meant "Sexily Sniffing Each Other"). If you’re a fan of secret relationships, fake engagements, flirty workplace dynamics, steamy invasions of personal space, and intense unresolved sexual tension, you might want to start learning Turkish.

Gertchase, Marvel’s The Runaways 
The Runaways only aired a few episodes in 2018, but it was enough to remind us of our love for Gertchase. The kids are now on the run from their parents, but Gert and Chase’s banter and soft moments remind us why they’re one of our favourite TV couples (with Nico and Karolina coming in a close second).

Densi, NCIS: LA 
It’s not often that a CBS procedural manages to craft a compelling relationship arc, but NCIS: LA did just that with Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye.  Fans of the couple have suffered through a lot of injuries, fights and narrow escapes but it was all worth it. They’re finally engaged after she proposed to him in the season 8 finale.

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