Batman Fans React to Shocking Comic Twist

Crédit photo: CreditMikel Janin/DC Entertainment Batman Fans React to Shocking Comic Twist

With great power comes great responsibility – and a whole lot of brooding. Comic book fans who have been reading Tom King’s Batman series were eagerly awaiting the wedding of the caped crusader and Catwoman.


But issue 50 found Selina Kyle standing up Bruce Wayne on their rooftop wedding, much to the dismay of some fans.

The wedding twist in Batman 50, written by King and drawn by Mikel Janin with colors by June Chung and letters by Clayton Cowles, was first revealed by the New York Times. In the issue, Bruce and Selina write letters to each other before their wedding day. Bruce, who has been slowly opening up emotionally (the scene where he asks Alfred to be his witness is downright tear-jerking), reveals that Selina’s love has allowed him to move on from his parents’ murder. “What you show me, what your eyes show me. Something I never understood. At least since the pearls. There are mysteries that can’t be solved. And that makes me look at myself. To think that, maybe, I can’t be solved. I can be more than a boy whose parents are dead. Who spends his life warring on crime because of that death.”

But Selina believes that by giving Bruce happiness, she’ll take away his ability to be Batman. “How can I do that? To save the world, heroes make sacrifices. My sacrifice is my life. It's you.”

Fans took to Twitter, many to express their disappointment that the series is not letting Bruce evolve or grow emotionally.












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