Is Wrinkle In Time A Hit Or A Miss?

Crédit photo: Disney

Is Oprah enough? The combined star power of the queen of daytime, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling and powerhouse director Ava DuVernay didn’t seem to sway all critics into loving A Wrinkle In Time. The embargo for the film just lifted, and the reactions are decidedly mixed, with some loving it and some feeling that the movie didn’t come together the way they’d hoped it would. It’s currently at 43% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Here’s a selection of some of the top critics’ opinions on A Wrinkle In Time. Are you planning to see it this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

"A Wrinkle in Time is wildly uneven, weirdly suspenseless, and tonally all over the place, relying on wall-to-wall music to supply the missing emotional connection and trowel over huge plot holes." -Variety

"It's possible that you have to have been a certain kind of kid to feel the maximum effects of this story. It's possible that not everyone will experience, as I did, tears arising spontaneously in response not to either sadness or joy, but to truth, to the breaking open of emotional secrets. Tears not jerked, but loosed." -NPR

"There's a lot here that feels insufficiently shaped or fitfully realized, but at the same time, there's a lot to like. It's the Platonic ideal of a mixed bag. The newness of the new parts counterbalances the ineffectiveness of the stuff that seemingly every fantasy blockbuster does, and that this one doesn't do well." -Roger Ebert Reviews

"A Wrinkle in Time hits that unfortunate un-sweet spot common to big-budget science-fiction/fantasy, where the spectacle feels more summarized than experienced. (Not helping much: Ramin Djawadi’s oddly terrible score, screaming emotions like an overgrown thought balloon covering up its own illustration.) Almost nothing works, but there are bursts of real camp energy." - EW

"Is A Wrinkle In Time a perfect film? No, it is not — but what the movie provides is a broad perspective through a series of whimsical events about light fighting darkness and love being the best weapon wielded against evil. It may not get there in a perfectly wrapped bow, but it tells the story in a way that as a fan I can appreciate — and as a critic, I can also respect. I smiled throughout this entire film because it gave me a sense of joy and, just for a few moments, I was able to escape and feel enamored by all of the beauty on screen. Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time will resonate the most with kids, but adults (like myself) will value and appreciate it just the same." -Black Girl Nerds

"Most of us would like simply to praise A Wrinkle in Time for its multiracial cast, its multicultural soundtrack, and its ringing message of self-acceptance. Let me put a more positive spin on a negative review. The book is still out there for everyone to read: Please do so." -Vulture

"It’s also all over the map, in every way possible. It’s visually gorgeous at times but then boring to behold at others, emotionally poignant at times but stunningly cloying at others. It’s also confusing (though to be fair, many might call the book confusing, too.) Mostly, it’s just a frustrating whole comprised of some pretty promising parts." -Associated Press

"Although Ava is a master at films that are focused on the script and not high-octane special effects, she effortlessly slipped into this CGI-ed filled dance on screen. The visuals are stunning with rich colors and magnificent cinematography that still has a touch of DuVernay. Moreover, A Wrinkle in Time is her first feature film she did not write, but she never lost her voice. You see Ava and all of that Black girl magic in every frame." -

"Watching A Wrinkle in Time unfold, I had to keep checking myself, wondering if perhaps the reason the film wasn’t working for me was because I’m not its target audience—a young adult." - Slate

"Ms. DuVernay has dispensed with the winking and cutesiness that are Hollywood’s preferred ways of pandering and condescending to grown-ups. The best way to appreciate what she has done is in the company of a curious and eager 10-year-old (as I was fortunate enough to do). Or, if you’re really lucky, to locate that innocent, skeptical, openhearted version of yourself." -New York Times

"What [DuVernay] brings to the party is invaluable. And what is on screen is a singular adaptation that stumbles more than you wish it would. If you can embrace that and forget the title's baggage, this dark, stormy ride may make up for it in sheer out-thereness. Every generation gets The NeverEnding Story it deserves. This one may very well be ours." -Rolling Stone


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