This Week's Hottest New Videos: Taylor Swift, The Chainsmokers, Maroon 5 and More

This Week's Hottest New Videos: Taylor Swift, The Chainsmokers, Maroon 5 and More

This week's music videos are a mixed bag, with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran showing off their geeky dance moves, The Chainsmokers taking a gloomy turn, Maroon 5 finally discovering Snapchat, and more. 

Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran - "End Game"
This is one of our least favourite songs on Swift's Reputation album (mostly because Sheeran's rapping ends up being exactly as bad as you imagined it would be), but the video is undeniably charming. The plot is pretty simple: Swift is living her best life. She and Future chill on a yacht in Miami, then she jets off to a karaoke bar with Sheeran before lounging in a posh London townhouse. "End Game" proves what we always suspected: it's good to be queen!

The Chainsmokers - "Sick Boy"
The electro-pop pair take a dark turn with their latest single, "Sick Boy." The stark performance video focuses on the song's piano and drums, which suggests a move away from their laptop-driven pop. 

Kodak Black feat. XXXTentacion - "Roll In Peace" 
This video starts in a courtroom we never want to step foot in before taking it to the bedroom. Perhaps a comment on his recent legal battles, Kodak then delivers a sermon in a church while dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit. The action then breaks for XXXtentacion to deliver a recorded message asking for fans' support before segueing into his verse.

Beck - "Fix Me"
Beck's latest clip opens on a cute dog, so we're immediately in! It chronicles the close relationship between the pup and a little kid. Adorable costume changes ensue. 

Maroon 5 - "Wait"
You gotta give it to this pop mainstay: they know how to make a compelling music video on the cheap. Their new clip for "Wait" consists of lead singer Adam Levine singing with a variety of Snapchat filters. The Panda filter has never looked so good...


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