Love is in the air during the holidays, so it’s the perfect time to look back at the most romantic moments on the small screen from this past year. These are five scenes that made fans of these fictional couples squee:

Peraltiago: Jake & Amy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Over five seasons, detectives Jake and Amy have gone from bickering coworkers to competitive rivals to partners in love. After deciding to marry Amy when she pointed out a typo in her crossword puzzle, Jake pulled the ultimate Halloween heist twist of all time with a surprise proposal. His speech was the perfect mix of in-jokes (“I’m so confused I don’t know what’s happening right now: title of your sex tape”) and awkward tangents (“I love your face and I love your butt – I should have written this down first”). When Charles walked in, realized what happened and promptly passed out, he was all of us.

Bughead: Betty & Jughead, Riverdale
When Riverdale first started, it stayed true to its comic book roots by kicking off a love triangle between Archie, Betty and Veronica. But it wasn’t long before the writers realized the show’s best sparks were the ones flying between Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse). Soon, Bughead was born. Though they’ve since broken up and the recent mid-season finale introduced a renewed flirtation between Archie and Betty, we’re confident that we haven’t seen the end of Bughead just yet.

Olicity: Oliver & Felicity, Arrow
WestAllen: Barry & Iris, The Flash

This year’s CW superhero crossover treated fans two a two-fer when it came to happily ever afters. When Nazis interrupted Barry and Iris’ ceremony (don’t ask), the pair decided to skip the vows and just head to a justice of the peace instead. But Felicity and Oliver suggested their friends have an impromptu wedding in a park, which was then followed by their own impromptu nuptials. It was cute, comic book-y and quirky – which perfectly sums up both couples. (And don’t come at me with that noise about how Felicity was rude for interrupting Iris’ moment; the park wedding wouldn’t have even happened without Felicity’s suggestion, and Barry and Iris’ real wedding was already interrupted – BY NAZIS. Blame them instead.)

Malec: Magnus & Alec, Shadowhunters
Though they’re not the main couple on Shadowhunters, Malec are the ones with the most fervent following. It’s easy to see why: the slowburn between inexperienced, dutiful Shadowhunter Alec and wordly warlock Magnus has been a delight to watch. Despite the supernatural elements of the show, it manages to depict a surprisingly grounded relationship, in which the pair communicates openly about their pasts and their vulnerabilities. Their chemistry is best captured in their first date episode, which moves from awkward ex talk to new understandings.

Kastle: Frank & Karen, The Punisher
I’m not going to lie: Karen was never really a favourite character of mine on Daredevil. But something happened when the show gave her moments with Frank Castle; her protectiveness and connection to him made me feel more than any of her scenes with Matt. That got dialled up to 11 when she guest-starred on the first season of The Punisher. The elevator scene in episode 10 is the perfect example of Kastle’s chemistry. After Frank pretends to hold her hostage to evade the police, we get a near-wordless sequence that captures both their attraction and the hopelessness of their situation. 

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